Our company home and hotel textile products and production of products that customers want is to have the latest technology machinery .

Our production upholstery , drapery , drapery , tablecloths , sound insulation fabrics, blackout fabrics, outdoor fabrics, bedspreads and curtains lining …

We have been producing in the range of 100cm – 315C .

Ayriyetten 280 cm , 100% cotton , logo and patterned bed linen and linen fabrics ; Our fabric is stain-resistant tablecloths 50% cotton 50% polyester , non-slip, no-iron is late yanarlılık features . Flat ( satin ) ( 105,160,200,315 cm) and jacquard ( 140,280cm ) as we produce .

production is carried out in seventeen colors . Depending on the feet of the orders are delivered in 10 days.

Our Vision

We aim to provide our high quality and customer satisfaction çabukluğu . In accordance with the wishes of our clients innovative , we make modern designs coupons . Our company is constantly developing innovative new work style production with a flexible way of working is shared with customers.